Metal Banding Manufacture

It is about traditional handmade manufacturing when there is a cup with prongs on one side and MC chaton on the other (top) side put into sparse fabric called Stramine, MC chaton is attached by a small machine to the fabric afterwards.

Colors of chatons

Use of Metal Banding

Thanks to its lustre the metal set banding is used as a component of formal dresses, handbags, belts, or as a decoration for other various occasions.

Available galvanization

The only possible way is galvanization in bulk


Chaton banding

ss12 ss15 ss19 ss29

Banding with extra roses

ss15 ss20 ss30 ss40

Banding with MC roses

ss15 ss20 ss30 ss40

Elastic chaton banding


Banding with pearl cabochons


Chaton RIM banding


Fantasy banding

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