Plastic Bandings Manufacture

Thanks to the machine manufacturing the plastic cups include stones connected by a thread. Banding is manufactured in many various designs, from one row banding up to more rows in various sizes from SS8 to SS19. The most commonly used size is SS13.

Colors of chatons

Use of Plastic Bandings

Thanks to an easy application the use of plastic bandings expanded mainly in clothing and shoe industry to decorate textile. You can use it to decorate an animal collar of your pet or as a decoration on a wedding cake. Recently it has also become a trend to use banding set for the production of simple but even more elegant bracelets.


Plastic set banding

8, 10, 13, 15, 19 [ss]

Chaton flowers

13 [ss]

Zig zag

13 [ss]

Chaton mesh

13 [ss]


13, 15, 19 [ss]


13 [ss]

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